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Management Team


Dr. Ron Tripp

President and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Ron Tripp is President of C3 Fights and President of USA Judo with offices at the U.S. Olympic complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The former world champion and 7 time world medalist in Russian Cambo holds a 10th degree Master of Sambo rank and a 6th degree black belt in Japanese Judo. Trained under Olympic Coach Patrick Burris at the USA Stars facility in Oklahoma, he has won numerous Pan American and National titles as well. Along with world champions Mike Swain and Jimmy Pedro, he trained at the world famous Nihon University "Nichidai" in Tokyo Japan over a 6 year span under Sensei Takagi. During his training in Japan he developed friendship with many stars of world judo including 2 X All Japan Champion Jun Konno and current Mixed Martial Arts stars including Yoshida and Takimoto. Dr. Tripp also was an outstanding freestyle wrestler and former assistant wrestling coach at the University of Oklahoma. His business background includes past president of Mendel Japan's U.S. operations and Chief Executive Officer of Broadband Wireless. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of IOGHC, a natural resource company.


  Howard Pollack

  Chief Operations Officer


Howard Pollack is currently the Chief Operation Officer and booking manager for c3 Fights,LLC. as well as co-owner of Innervisions Concerts domestically ; PM Group Artist Represntatives Internationally and an executive partner in the Okc. Zoo Amphitheatre.

Mr. Pollacks expertise is in event and Concert promotions throughout the world including U.S.,Mexico, South and Central America, Africa,Europe,Russia and Japan.

Howard Started in the concert and event promotions business back in 1973 and has worked with everone including Bon-Jovi, Sting, Dire Straits and many others. He has presented the world tour for the Tribute to Bob Marley in over sixteen countries and is instrumental in introducing music to countries that have never seen international artists in person in the history of some of these countries.

Howard was instrumental in starting the Okc. Zoo Amphitheatre project and has brought the facility back to its world class status. The venue has been namesd the number one rock venue in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma City Newspaper. The past season has seen the likes of Korn, Seether, Flaming Lips, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Dierks Bentley to name a few.

He now brings his brand of event promotions to the fight game as Chief Operating Officer for C3 Fights (Caged combat Championships). He intends with his partners Doctor Ron Tripp, Mr. Pat Burris and Cesar Morales to take the art of MMA fights (C3 if you will) to the next level in quality, integrity and fights of distinction.



Patrick Burris

Director of Athlete Development

Pat Burris is a name synonymous with success and champions in the martial arts and sports world. Founder of the USA Stars Foundation and Training Center in Moore, Oklahoma, Burris has continued to roll out champion after champion from his programs. Mixed martial arts champions Frank Trigg and Evan Tanner emerged from the USA Stars program as well as Olympic Weight lifters Shane Hammon and Chad Vaughn.  Former IBC World Heavyweight Champion Ross Purity was a member of the USA Stars team. Burris has developed countless judo, sambo, and jujitsu stars including World Champions Ron Tripp and Amy Ehlenfeldt and Clinton Burke and Kristy Springer. Most recently USA Stars Brian Picklo won the Police and Fireman's World Championships in three sports, judo, freestyle wrestling, and greco-roman wrestling. As a competitor Patrick Burris quickly was on the path to becoming a judo legend capturing 6 national titles and representing the United States on the 1972 Olympic Team in Munich and the 1976 Olympic Team in Montreal. He captured the title and gold medal at the 1975 Pre-Olympic World Championships in the 70kg division defeating Russian Olympic Champion Nezerov. One of the fiercest competitors in American Judo history it is rumored he broke over 1000 arms in submission moves in his spectacular career. Pat serves as Director of Coaching Certification for USA Judo and Director of Athletes for C3Fights.



David Bernstein

Legal Counsel

David Bernstein serves as head legal counsel for C3 Fights and has over 2 decades of experience in representing and advising world class athletes and injured Oklahomans. In 2006, the profession honored him with the distinguished  "SuperLawyer" award. (www.superlawyers.com).  David's motto is "Proud to be a Trial Lawyer - Fighting Giants Never Goes Out of Style." He has taught numerous seminars since 1991 for organizations including the Oklahoma Bar Association, the University of Oklahoma College of Law, the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association, the National Business Institute, and the Cleveland County Bar Association on many topics, including Insurance Bad Faith, Uninsured Motorist Claims, Trying Personal Injury Claims, Trial Tactics, Insurance Law and Evidence. One jury trial Bernstein was involved in resulted in a jury verdict of $9 million.  Contact David at:

Bernstein Law Firm
104 W. Gray St.
Norman, Oklahoma 73069
Phone: (405) 329-1484
Fax:  (405) 329-5949

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